Walchensee in the Karwendel Alps

In the alps: Walchensee and Karwendel

The Walchensee is located between Vorkarwendel, Kochel and Wallgau. He is one the largest lakes in Bavaria and up to 193 meters depth, even deeper than the adjacent Achensee in Tyrol. The backdrop of the turquoise lake with the peaks of the Karwendel is gorgeous. The water comes from the mountains of the Karwendel Alps, most flows in Obernach in Walchensee. The effluent water lands in the river and later in neighboring Sylvensteinsee

Walchensee Directions: How do I get to Walchensee?
From Munich to the south on the motorway A95 towards Garmisch. Exit Murnau Kochel and then on the road to Kochel. Here the mountain street with 10% slope up to Urfeld.
Coming from Austria, or from the southernmost tip of Bavaria: From Mittenwald Germany the main street B 11 leads directly to the lake.
In addition, you can start from Sylvensteinspeicher on the toll road to Wallgau Vorderiss and from then on the B11 ot the Walchensee lake.

If you go the kesselbergstrasse from Kochel uphill and then moves up and out of the forest on the Kesselberg (858 m), there is no stopping alpine enthusiasts.
First you pass the village Urfeld at Walchensee. The federal highway B11, known as lakeside road runs right along the lake (great views!) In the place Walchensee. Then it's away from the lake to Einsiedeln Walchensee, the southernmost town on the lake. A toll road passes on the southern shore of Einsiedeln to Altach and Niedernach.
You can bike with bicycle or mountain bike around the Walchensee (30 km). Problematic containing the busy lakeside road on the west bank, where in good weather is also quick jam. Then meander more motorcyclists and motorists through the small towns than they have residents. The village has about 800 residents Walchensee!

Hiking at Walchensee
For hiking at the Walchensee in the summer come many tourists and also very many day trips from Munich. Munich is about 1.5 hours drive by car away, about 70 miles north. For hiking we recommend the Herzogstand. The Herzogstandbahn of Walchensee transports walkers, hikers and trekker up to the Herzogstand and makes it easy to climb to the 1731-meter Karwendel mountain views. Wonderful panorama of the Bavarian Alps with hiking tour to the Heimgarten - the mountain next to Herzogstand. More information: hiking Karwendel and in german about Walchensee. Walkers found around the lake Walchensee many beautiful walks for holidays alps.

Bavarian Alps Karwendel: Lake Walchensee

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