Tratzberg Castle in Tyrol

Tratzberg Castle in Karwendel Alps Tyrol

500 years of history at the castle Tratzberg in Karwendel Alps
If you are interested in history and historic sites, the castle "Schloss Tratzberg" is the right choice. It´s situated at the Karwendel between between Jenbach and Schwaz in the Karwendel. You can book a guided tour, too.

Behind the thick walls lies a real highlight of sightseeing in Tyrol. Visitors are taken on a journey into the Middle Ages. A walk through Tratzberg Castle is not really a guided tour. It´s not a conventional tour, even unusual, interesting and entertaining. Via audio guide you get taught everything you need to know in eight languages. In the footsteps of the former inhabitant of the guest to a bygone age is kidnapped. Whether in the Habsburg room, the queen room, a stunning masterpiece of German Renaissance, or in the armory - anywhere, visitors can experience history in a most entertaining manner.

While it does include acquaintance with Emperor Maximilian I, Count Fugger and Franz Graf Enzenberg, the radio play accompanied with fanfare sounds in the ornate Renaissance courtyard, organ sounds in the chapel, whirring spinning wheels in the women's quarters and hunting horns in the hunting room.

Youngest visitors expect at the same time with the adults a fabulous - interesting children's tour in which they meet, among others the Emperor, the mascot Tratzi "and" Adele "and the resident ghost.

A special feature is the nocturnal visit to the castle. The evening begins with welcoming host at the castle of the Knights Table food and merry entertainment by jugglers. The little train "Tratzberg Express" bring the guests in a totally different world. In the romantic, illuminated by torches, patio, historically costumed damsels wait and noble men, who are enchanted evening course through the support lock. And then the guests will have a small, medieval spectacle ....

Castle Tratzberg - famous site in Tyrol
Tratzberg is one of the most beautiful late Gothic castles in Europe. In the 13th Century the castle was documented first. The original castle was in the late 15th Century belonged to the Habsburg Emperor Maximilian in 1492 and completely destroyed by fire. The Emperor built almost destitute Tratzberg not more, he exchanged the remains of the castle against the rich Tänzler brothers, in whose possession was the lucrative silvermine in Schwaz. They set up in 1500, the first part of today's late-Gothic castle. Later on the monarc Maximilian was a frequent visitor to his former refuge. Indication of this are the perfectly preserved private quarters of the Emperor's.

1554 acquired the merchant Georg Ritter von Ilsung the castle, opposite the north wing built in its present form and decorated the yard of his time corresponding with rich Renaissance painting.

In 1590 the respected merchant family of the Fugger becomes owner of  Tratzberg in Tyrol. It was followed by several changes of ownership, until 1847. The almost abandoned castle comes into the family of the Counts of Enzenberg through marriage. Family Enzenberg still posses Tratzberg. To this day it is only due to the great personal and financial commitment of the family that Tratzberg again the epitome of a Tyrolean castle of the 16th Century and thus became one of the most important art and cultural monuments of Austria. Tratzberg is one of the most popular sites in Tyrol and Austria. Visitors of the alps compare the castle with the well known castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.

Opening time of Tratzberg Castle
In the summer palace Tratzberg is open daily between 10 und 16 clock at the bottom of the Karwendel.

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Schloss Tratzberg in Tirol