Lake Sylvenstein in bavarian Alps of Karwendel

Lake Sylvensteinsee in the Karwendel Alps

The Sylvensteinsee is embedded in the Karwendel Alps at an altitude of 750 meters. In the north the schindelberg (1145 meters high) is located at the lake. In the south you can see the Demeljoch (1923 m) and the popular hiking mountain Scharfreiter (2101 m). The idyllic-looking lake is a water reservoir, too. The isar water is flowing in the lake Sylvensteinsee from the west.

Sight Lake Sylvensteinspeichersee
Many tourists come from Bavaria Bad Tölz and Lenggries up to the reservoir. Some enjoy the panorama of the Karwendel Mountains, others use the area around the Sylvensteinsee for walking or cycling. The Isartalradweg runs directly up to the reservoir Sylvenstein in the Karwendel alps. A beautiful destination in the summer and a popular photo opportunity. On the southern side of the lake there is a bike path away from the road, called Bavaria Tyrolensis. This cycle track links Bavaria and Tyrol Alps. It starts at the buttom of the Karwendel in Jenbach in the valley Inntal, up to the Achensee and continues over the reservoir Lake Sylvenstein to Bad Tölz and Munich.
Mountain bikers ride over the bridge of Sylvensteinspeichersee and the little village Fall from the inside of Bächental in the Karwendel mountains. Recommended for sightseeing in the alps.

If it is very hot in summer, it also drives many to bathe in the Sylvensteinsee. It´s nice to swim by the surrounding mountains and the fantastiv mountain views.

History Sylvensteinstausee
It was built in 1954-1959 and is used primarily for flood protection. But it will also generate electricity. The dam is up to 44 meters high. He has also been increased since the establishment, as there are in the course of environmental change increases the amount of water in some cases significantly. During the floods in the summer of 2005 the dam was about to collapse. It had to be drained to prevent the collapse. In the years 2011, 2012 and probably 2013 on the dam are renovations at lake Sylvenspeichersee.
When the Sylvensteinsee was built, the old village Fall sunk in the lake reservoir. The new village Fall was built a few meters beside the main road towards Vorderiss.

Directions Sylvensteinsee
From Tyrol, the Federal Road 181 runs to Kaiserwacht. From there on the German main street 307 through the Walchental to the lake Sylvensteinsee. This road is called "Deutsche Alpenstrasse" - means "German Alpine Road", and the scenery is marvelous to behold, even from the car. From Tegernsee come day-tripper also via Kaiserwacht to the lake in Karwendel. From the Isartal also a main road leads up to the reservoir. And those arriving from the west, drive via Mittenwald Germany and the toll road Wallgau.

If you are visiting the lake Sylvensteinsee you can also go to the Lake Walchensee in the neighbourhood. Just some Kilometers ago and a beautiful landscape to see.

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