Silberbergwerk Schwaz - silver mine in Tyrol

Silberbergwerk - Schwaz TIROL

At the peak in 1500 Schwaz was the largest mining city of the world. Approxemately 85% of the world's silver came from Schwaz. This was the basis of power and politics in contemporary Europe. The silver mine in Schwaz is called Silberbergwerk Schwaz and is open for visitors in our days. The silver mine in Schwaz is one of the top attractions in Tyrol.

Visitors go 800 meter into the mountain by the mine railway. You follow the footsteps of the miners, who 500 years ago disassembling silver and copper and get into a kidnap-time, when the earth was flat.
The classic tour takes 90 minutes time to guide you through the rough life of the Schwaz silver miners at the time in the Middle Ages. You get intouch with into the important role of Schwaz in that time. Visitors say about the Silberbergwerk Schwaz: "Who has not seen the silver mine in Schwaz, has missed Tyrol history."

The mines were important for the whole area. More about mining history in Tyrol.

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