Big maple plain in Karwendel Alps of Tyrol

Big mapple plain Karwendel - natural monument Ahornboden

The natural monument "Großer Ahornboden, the big mapple plain is one of the most beautiful places in the Alps.
The big maple plain is located in the tyrolean Alps of Karwendel in the Eng, part of the municipality of Vomp. This place is an high valley. It charms you with its fantastic alpine. The big maple plain is surrounded by the massive limestone cliffs of the Karwendel Alps. This place is situated 1200 meters above sea level. It´s part of the nature reserve Karwendel, called Naturpark Karwendel.
The mapple plain in Austria attracts at every time of the year: In spring, when the mapples are getting green, in summer the lush green meadows, adorned by many cows of Engalm; in autumn there is a run of visitors because of the leaf color. Then the mood changes daily. The best time is september and october for the golden leaf color.

Maple trees on the maple plain
The maple trees are a sign of the Karwendel and up to 600 years old. The many maple trees are a natural phenomenon and one of the most common sights in the alps. The big maple plain contains of more than 2000 maple trees! Some of them die, as they are to old now. In order to preserve this place, there is a program for planting new maple trees. You can not plant any maple tree, it has to be the very same type of maple.
Sightseeing Tyrol - the big mapple plain belongs to.

How to get to the maple plain in Austria?
In summer, the maple plain is accessible by car as follows:
From the south of Bavaria: Lake Walchensee - Wallgau - Vorderriß - Hinterriss
Or from Bad Tölz: Lenggries - lake Sylvensteinspeichersee - Fall - Vorderriss - Hinterriss
At the high season there is public transport by bus as well.
Attention: The little street from Hinterriss to Eng and big mapple plain is open in the summer months Mai until Oktober. In Winter (November until April) the street is closed and it´s a beautiful cross-country ski trail.

And in german? - Informationen über den Ahornboden im Karwendel.

Karwendel: big mapple plain in autumn

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