Almdorf Eng Alm

Engalm im Karwendelgebirge - gehört zu den beliebtesten Reisezielen in Österreich

The alps village Almdorf Eng Alm - one of the most popular destinations in Austria, is located 1227 meters above the sea, in the Karwendel mountains of Tyrol. The Engalm can be reached by car from Sylvensteinsee, Fall, Vorderriss und Hinterriss. Alternatively, a toll road from Mittenwald in bavarian mountains above Krün tracks into the Karwendel.
First you pass the natural monument big maple plain until you end up in the parking space in the Eng valley. From there the trail leads in a 30 minute walk directly to Engalm. On the trail there is to read about the nature reserve Karwendel.

The Engalm
The Almdorf Eng Alm is managed for centuries by farmers. Probably since 1000 years Engalm is used, this is mentioned at least in various documents. In 1569 the Alpine village in the Karwendel was first described in detail. During the Thirty Years' War, the wooden huts were not used, this fact is often attributed to the origin of the big maple plain.

Today, Engalm is the largest alp in Tirol, where cows give milk. At the same time one speaks of the oldest mountain village in Europe. On an area of 590 hectares in the summer the cows are kept. The whole milk is processed on the mountain. Fresh milk is available to buy in the Alpine village, just as fresh mountain butter, yogurt and of course the famous mountain cheese of Engalm.

The old wooden houses painting a romantic picture of life on alpine pastures. It is deceptive, however, over the fact that the residents have a lot of work, the day starts early with the milking of cows and late in the evening ends.
For travelers, this course plays no role. They are primarily used as a walking tour of this natural tourist destination. The surrounding cottages for hiking Karwendel: Falkenhütte, Binsalm and Lamsenjochhütte.

Sightseeing Tyrol the Engalm belongs to.

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