Sightseeing in Karwendel Alps

Castle Tratzberg - one of the most common sights in Karwendel Alps Holidays

The Karwendel between Isar, Inn and Achensee represents a mythical mountain range, which holds some of the most beautiful nature reserves in the world. Between this beautiful nature there are a lot of sights for holidays alps. Sights meet nature.
The largest silver mine of the medieval was located in Schwaz, the second largest city of Austria in former times. Now you can visit the Silvermine Schwaz and see the tunnels. Close to Schwaz, in the village called Jenbach, the Tratzberg castle is visited by thousands tourists each year.
Don´t forget: The old center of Innsbruck with the "goldenes Dacherl" - a roof made of gold. It´s one of the most common sights in Tyrol. Also Munich isn´t far away. Take one day time to go there.

Following sights in Karwendel are recommended at Alps holiday:
The largest and oldest mountain village in Europe, the Engalm is THE landmark in Alpine Park Karwendel. Old huts, made of wood. Hundrets of cows. The cheese of the Engalm wins awards every year. All the milk of this alp is getting cheese. The famous cheese of the Engalm. If you are at the Eng, look the natural monument "Großer Ahornboden" - big maple plain. On Vomperberg in Vomp is also the natural monument Vomperloch - the "Grand Canyon of the Tyrol". In the neighbourhood you can visit the Wolfsklamm. The Wolfsklamm gorge is on the best visited gorges in the alps. Plenty of visitors call this gorge in Karwendel the most beautiful gorge of the alps. I agree to that opinion.
St. Georgenberg in Stans, the most important pilgrimage site of Tyrol, which is over 1,000 years old is located close to the Wolfsklamm Tyrol. It´s at rock and a place of power for the whole family a real place of power. If you lilke that, maybe you enjoy the Bibelweg - bible trail - at Buch in Tyrol. At the top you can find the Notburga church and the mystical ruins of the Rottenburg, an old castle.
Another castle you can see in Schwaz. The castle Freundsberg belongs to the great sights in Schwaz. The castle provides an overview of the historical town of Schwaz in Tyrol.
Amateur astronomers walk the entire solar system on the Planetenweg by walking step by step. At the way of the senses at the Pillberg children takes shoes and socks off and feel the nature by feet as sensor.
If you like old railways, you have to visit Jenbach. There are two of the oldest railways. The Achenseebahn railway - historic railway to the Achensee Lake - and the Zillertallbahn - historic railway to Mayrhofen in Zillertal are still driven by coal.

All at all you have so many sights in the area of Karwendel you could do weeks of holiday just visiting culture and sights.

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