Holidays in Austrian Alps: Vomp in Karwendel

Die Eng gehört zur Gemeinde Vomp

The municipality  Vomp is located in the district of Schwaz and is close to the historic town of Schwaz in Austria. Innsbruck is located approximately 30 kilometers west. The community Vomp belongs to the largest areas in Tyrol. The area of Vomp amounts over 180 square kilometers. A large part lies in the nature reserve Karwendel Alps. The municipal area ends at the border to Bavaria.
Vomper municipality is also the Eng and the locality Hinterriss. To Vomp belongs the natural monument big maple plain in the center of the Karwendel Alps. This also is one of the most beautiful place in the Karwendel, besides the old village with wooden huts, the Engalm.
The part of Vomp in the Inn valley is dominated by industry. For holidays in the Inn valley you can go to district Vomperberg, which is also part of nature reserve. In Winter with lots of snow there is a cross country ski trail with beautiful views to the alps. In Vomperberg is the entry in the Vomper Loch, the Grand Canyon of Tyrol alps. In Summer you can start here trekking to the Lamsenjochhütte (alpine hut at the lamsenjoch, below the Lamsenjoch). It´s an alpine hiking tour in Karwendel Alps and you need alpine experience.

There are some sights in Vomp: Recommended to see the Wolfsklamm gorge. It´s also called one of the most famous gorges of alps. At the top there is the monastery St. Georgenberg. The oldest pilgrimage in Tyrol. The Benedictine monastery is one of St. Ottilie and was owner of the lake Achensee in former times. The lake is sold, but the monastery still has a lot of forest and grazing land. The monastery St. Georgenberg in Karwendel Alps is related with the monastery Fiecht in Inn Valley Tyrol. 

The municipality Vomp was mentioned 930 the first time and has nearly 5,000 residents in our times.

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