Naturpark Karwendel - nature reserve in the alps

Nature reserve Karwendel Alps

Pure nature in Karwendel
The nature reserve Karwendel is probably one of the most beautiful nature parks in the alps. The biggest part of Karwendel belong to the Alpenpark Karwendel or Naturpark Karwendel. It´s something between nature reserve and nationalpark. The Alpine Park Karwendel has a special status as a protected area. Part of this area is a nature reserve in bavarian alps, approximately 80% belongs to tyrolean alps.

Alpenpark Karwendel - nature park Karwendel
The reserve itself has a total area of about 543 square kilometers and forms the core of the Alpine Park Karwendel, which is added by nature reserves Naturschutzgebiet Bärenkopf, Falzthurntal - Gerntal, Großer Ahornboden, Martinswand - Solstein - Reither Spitze, Nordkette and Vorberg, the reserve Eppzirl and Achental West and the small reserves Martinswand and Fragenstein. As an independent the Karwendel mountain range is bordered on the south by the Inn Valley between Zirl and Jenbach. To the west is the Seefeld Sattel, the Isar River in the northwest, northeast and east of Walchenbach and the Achensee the natural geografical limitation of the Karwendel.

Four separate mountain ranges form the Karwendel mountains:
• The Inn valley (Inntal) and Solsteinkette in the South, with the little Solstein (2637m), the highest peak
• The Gleirsch - Halltalkette with the highest mountain großer Bettelwurf (2725 m)
• The Karwendel main ridge or Hinterautal - Vomper Kette, with the highest mountain of the Karwendel, the Birkkarspitze (2749 m)
• The Northern Karwendelkette with the östliche Karwendelspitze (2537 m) as the highest mountain. In the east, this mountain range is divided into the Falkenguppe, the group of Gamsjoch and Sonnjoch and the group of Stanserjoch, Rappenspitze and Sonnjochgruppe.

The Karwendel Vorgebirge is formed by Sojern - Gruppe (2259 m), the Schafreiter - Mondscheinspitz - Gruppe (2105 m) and the Juifen - Hochplatte - Gruppe. The Vorgebirge is part of Alps in Bavaria.

The nature reserve Karwendel can be divided into several valley areas:
Gleirschtal, Scharnitz - Pfeis (Samertal), Isertal, Anger(Wenger)tal, Groß Kristental, Klein-Kristental, Mandltal
Hinterautal Scharnitz - Roßloch (17 km), „Lafatschtal“ zwischen dem Überschalljoch und der Hinterödalm
Karwendeltal Scharnitz - Hochalmsattel (20 km)
Rißtal Oswaldhütte - Eng, Rontal, Tortal, Johannistal. Laliderertal, Eng
Bächental Baumgartental, Eiskönigtal, Plumsbachtal, Tannauerbachtal
Falzthurn - Gern - Dristenautal Falzthurn - Gern - Dristenautal
Stallental St. Georgenberg - Lamsenjoch, Gamsgartenklamm
Vomperjoch Stubbach - Überschalljoch
Halltal Walderbrücke - Stempeljoch, Isstal

Fact sheet Karwendel Nature Reserve:
Size: 543.25 km ²
Elevation: about 800 - 2749 m (Birkkarspitze)
Under protection since 1943
23rd re-enactment March 1989
Situated in the city of Innsbruck, the market towns Jenbach, Rum and Zirl and local Absam, Achenkirch, Eben am Achensee, Gnadenwald Scharnitz, Stans, Terfens, Thaur and Vomp; districts Innsbruck - City, Innsbruck - Land and Schwaz
Further information from the club Karwendel.

Huts of the Alpine Club in the nature reserve Karwendel:
Bettelwurfhütte OeAV - Innsbruck, Tirol
Brunnstein hut DAV, Germany
Dammkarhütte PRIVATE, Germany
Falkenhütte DAV, Tirol
Hallerangerhaus DAV, Tirol
Highland Cottage DAV, Germany
Karwendelhaus DAV, Tirol
Krinner - Kofler - Cottage DAV, Germany
Lamsenjochhütte DAV, Tirol
Mittenwald hut DAV, Germany
Pfeishütte OeAV - Innsbruck, Tirol
Pleisenhütte PRIVATE, Tirol
Rotwandhütte DAV, Tirol
Sojern DAV, Germany
Tölzer hut DAV, Tirol

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