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Mittenwald is situated at the buttom of the Karwendel. Mittenwald belongs to Bavaria in Germany. It´s an old village in the bavarian mountains. 1080 Mittenwald was first mentioned. Before there were traders who brought prosperity to Mittenwald. The heyday experienced Mittenwald, while the Venetian merchants held their markets here in the Karwendel Alps. 1684 finally started the manufacturing of violins in Mittenwald. The violins brought money for the residents. Since 1900, the tourism began as well as in the rest of Bavaria and other villages in the Alps.

Today Mittenwald is a modern tourism destination. Guests come in the summer and winter. Mittenwald holiday is vacation in the mountains of the Karwendel. Many apartments and pensions are in the middle of woods to choose from. But the town Mittenwald has over 5000 beds!

Mittenwald has received many picturesque facades from the old days. The fresco paintings are admirable. The church, designed by architect Josef Wessobruner Schmutzer dominates the town. The pedestrian zone is ideal for a walk. There are also some shops.

Pastures, trails, cabins, hiking in karwendel are the main activities in the summer for a holiday in the alps. Walking in the middle of the forest is popular in summer.

In winter, skiing is very popular. Ski holidays in Mittenwald is possible. In the centre of Mittenwald there is a traditional german Christmas Market.

Mittenwald in Karwendel Alps

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