Holidays in Austrian Alps: HINTERRISS in Karwendel

Die Eng gehört zur Gemeinde Vomp

The little village Hinterriß is loacted in the Karwendel Alps, 928 meters above sea level. Politically, the village belongs to the community Vomp in Tyrol.
By car the jewel can be reached via Bavaria only. The huge Karwendel mountains prohibit a direct way for cars from Tyrol. Thus, the beauty of the Karwendel Mountains still exists and the cars come via Vorderriss (either via the toll road from Wallgau or Bad Tolz, Lenggries and lake Sylvensteinsee) in the central Karwendel. There are just some people living in Hinterriss all the year. From Hinterriß the road leads into the former Hotel Alpenhof. There, the toll road begins in the Eng. You drive through the narrow valley Risstal and the street ends at a large parking space in the big maple plain.

Hinterriss in the summer
In summer, many visitors come mainly from Munich and the surrounding area for hiking and mountain biking. Hinterriss serves as a starting point for long hikes in the Karwendel. Mountain bikers run here often to a Transalp mountain bike tour (via Falkenhütte, Eng, Lamsenjochhütte, Vomp, Schwaz, Weerberg). Mountainbikers come from Mittenwald via Karwendeltal to Hinterriss. Tourism is the source of income for around 50 residents. Previously, the settlement was around the Rissbach popular and well known among the nobility for hunting trips. Even King Ludwig of Bavaria was hunting in that area. Some of the most common hiking tours: To the Falkenhütte, the hiking way Rohntal Tortal. Since June 2009, in Hinterriß the new information center of nature park Karwendel is located, providing information about the nature of the Karwendel Mountains and the Risstal.

Hinterriss in the winter
In the winter the well known slope for cross country skiing starts in Hinterriß. The toll road in the Eng is locked and the narrow valley falls into "hibernation", no car is coming into the valley. Cross-country skiers can enjoy the winter landscape only. In late spring there is a rush to be the first to go the ski tour to the Hochglück Mountain. This ski tour is very dangerous and has claimed many casualties. Right in the village there is a toboggan run. With the growth of snowshoeing there is coming now a growing number of snowshoeing people into the narrow valley. They are a problem for Wildlife and land owners.

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