Hall in the Karwendel Alps

Hall in Tirol von den Tuxer Alpen aus gesehen

Experience the flair of the historic town Hall Tyrol ...
The coin and salt city in the heart of Tyrol coined for centuries as an important commercial center the country. Today a historic town welcomes visitors with an abundance of recreational opportunities, ranging from the cultural heritage of a 700-year-old city to sports activities.

Whether in the summer from the garden, or in winter, when people warm up to the festive atmosphere at the Christmas Market Hall - the Upper Town Square in the old town is a perfect starting point for any enterprise. Coffee or a refreshing glass of beer in the numerous offers for leisure can easily connect with a first look at the hustle and bustle of the busy Old Town. From the center of the city main attractions are easily accessible within minutes. The narrow, cobbled streets are invited to the home of many small shops to stroll and together form a unique shopping center in the medieval "look".

All outstanding and eye-catching in the old town is the parish church of St. Nikolaus, whose foundation stone was laid in 1281. The church is in close proximity to City Hall, the former town castle. Now the seat of the Mayor of Hall - it is home to the town hall, which attracted a popular wedding hall still nobles and other celebrities to Hall. Over the little street "langer Graben" the visitor arrives in a few minutes to the Lower Town Square (Unterer Stadtpaltz) and from there to the highly visible Mint Tower (Münzturm, alte Münze Hall).

The tower belongs to castle Hasegg and offers a splendid view over the city. From the courtyard there is access to the recently developed Coin Museum, which invites you into a journey through the history of coinage. Also in the complex of the castle are the Hasegg Haller City Museum and the George's Chapel. In addition to the tradition of mints it was mainly the white gold salt, which the inhabitants of Hall had to thank for hundreds of years of great prosperity. Today, the mining museum presents us with a copy of the 1967 in the Hall valley disused mine at this time. Other attractions include the Jesuit church and the church "Stiftskirche" at the "Stiftsplatz".

What the Irishman about the shortness of the distance of a pub to the next is said meets in the Old Town Hall to the removal of a coffee shop to the other. They form the bulk of the gastronomy in Hall. Around sixty coffee houses, gourmet restaurants, caffes and cocktail bars awaits you.
Concerts, theater and museums for all tastes are almost part of everyday life and shape as the many local artists to town. You can visit Hall at a virtual Tour  by computer.

Those who prefer free time sporting can choose between summer activities such as cycling, swimming, mini golf, horse riding, tennis. In Winter there are snow sports like skiing, cross country skiing, sledding and ice skating. Highly recommend: a trip to the nearby Karwendel Mountains. Don´t miss the nature reserve Karwendel too

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