Karwendel Region in the alps

Alps holidays in Karwendel

The area of Karwendel is located in the heart of the alps. Innsbruck and Munich are the bigger cities next to Karwendel. The mountains of Karwendel are part of the german alps and part of austrian alps. 80% of Karwendel are in Tyrol
Karwendel. The Karwendel Alps with nearly 1000 square miles size is one of the largest and most popular nature reserves in Europe. The Karwendel is characterized by high mountains and the beautiful landscape with many huts and cabines. The valleys are long and often accessible only on foot or by mountain bike. Often the Karwendel is called by the wrong spelling: Karwendler, or even Karvendel Karvendl. The name comes from the Gerwentil.
You can spend every time of the year in these mountains. There is season all time long. Have fun reading and exploring!

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