BIRKKARSPITZE in Karwendel Mountains


The Birkkarspitze is the highest peak in the Karwendel mountains. The highest mountain in the Karwendel is 2749 meters high. You can reach the Birkkarspitze from Scharnitz via Hinterautal. Some meters before the Kastenalm left, then at  the hiking trail up through the Birkkarklamm. Along the Birkkarbach proceeds  the trail. It's not a hike for everyone! Moreover, in the upper region, especially in the transitional periods watch out for ice. Short before the peak of Birkkarspitze is located as the makeshift the Birkkarbiwak.
Alternatively, you can walk through the Karwendeltal from Scharnitz: Walking all the Karwendeltal at the end to the Karwendelhaus. From there via the Schlauchkar up to Birkkarspitze. On the way there is also the climb worthwhile to Hochalmkreuz. The panoramic view from the Birkkarspitze is famous and overwhelming.

The way to be truly off-road trails and on the trails to come Birkkar are very long. It is also recommended to go at the Birkkarspitze Tyrol as Bike & Hike Tour - through the Karwendeltal or Hintertautal you go by mountain bike riding, then to parking at Karwendelhaus or the origin of Isar river and continue to walk on foot. Before the question emerges: No, on the Birkkar you can not go up the mountain.

Directly at the feet of Birkkarspitze is the small maple plain.

Note: The Ascent of Birkkarspitze is only suitable for experienced hikers and experienced!


e Karwendel is one of the best known and best hiking regions in the Alps. Every year people are travelling to the mountains of Karwendel because of the great opportunity of hiking. There are also a lot of celebrities hiking here.  Movies are done here as well.
The Karwendel consists of approximately 1000 squaremeters of mountains. Most of this area is not built with houses. There is a huge amount of wild nature. Here you can still find lonely places besides the well known sites. The mountains in Karwendel are grey but there are also green meadows with cows on it. Pictures like painted! 
For hiking you can pick out of more than 250 hiking tours and trails. You can hike hundrets of kilometers. There are different difficult hiking tours. Some for hiking starter, some for hiking experienced people and also some for experts.
Families can find easier walks which are very suitable to families. Also, older people and retirees appreciate the Karwendel for hiking and trekking int he alps.

Climbing in the Karwendel
In earlier times the Karwendel was the area for climbing. Even now, on some mountains are still climbers. But watch out! Many climbing tours are very dangerous due to the crumbling stone.

Best time for hiking in the Karwendel
Visit the most beautiful places in the Karwendel Mountains, which are different depending on the season. In the spring there are the many flowers in the meadows of the Karwendel alps. This traveling time is actually used by a few hikers in the Karwendel and it´s a recommandation for those who enjoy the original nature all to yourself. Summer is the season whre the Karwendel meadows are covered by gentian. The alpine rose blossom is admired as well. In fall leaf color on the big maple plain is a must of course. Hiking time in the Karwendel: depending on the weather from April - November.

Huts and cabins in the Karwendel Alps
Several huts offer simple but cosy accommodation for a walking holiday, the Engalm for example. There are also hotels, which suites to some trekking tours in the Karwendel, even special hiking or trekking hotels can be booked.

Below are some of the destinations in the Karwendel. An overview of the most beautiful hikes we posted also.

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