Ski resort Rofan at Achensee Tyrol

The ski lift Rofanseilbahn brings skiers, snowboarders and snowshoeing actives from Achensee up to Rofan mountains. The pod of the Rofanseilbahn starts next to the main road in Maurach (belongs to the community Eben am Achensee) to about 980 meters above sea level. The top station is located at the Erfurter Hütte,  1840 meters above sea level.

Skiers can take advantage of two smaller chairlifts.
The slope to the valley is nice to ride to Buchauer Alm. Beneath the cabin it is a forest road, which is prepared as a ski trail and thus limited to skiing or snowboarding. The last meters to the valley station of the Rofanseilbahn are  a mediocre track again. I would prefer to ski on the upper slopes.
The slopes in the ski resort Rofan amount to 14 km, of which 4 km are easy, 8 km middle difficult and 2 km black slopes and difficult.
The only ski resort in Rofan is accessed by the Rofanseilbahn. The view from the top station to the Karwendel is perfect. Guests will appreciate this especially when skiing in the Karwendel. If you for example in the neighboring ski resort Christlum from skiing, the views of the Karwendel are limited.

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