Activities in Karwendel holidays

What to do in the Karwendel alps?
If you are planning holidays alps in the mountains of Karwendel you may ask, what can I do there? First of all, you can travel all the year to Karwendel in Austria and Germany. You will find lots of sights in the Karwendel area. Furthermore there are mountains in which you can do any kind of sports. When there is no snow, this is from Mai to November, you can go hiking in Karwendel, mountain biking in Karwendel or just relaxing. During the winter time (December to April) you will come to ski in the alps first of all. But you can also do other kinds of winter sports. We will guide you on this website in the Karwendel mountains in Austria and Germany. 

Karwendel holidays in summer

Each year more and more people discover the Karwendel alps in Austria and Germany. Mountain bikers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts come to climb the peaks in the Karwendel mountains and enjoy the amazing panoramic views. Depending on the season, there are also appropriate flowers or plants to see. A particular highlight is the high-level green pastures surrounded by the stone Karwendel giants. The cows eat the green grass, the tinkling of cow bells echoing in the mountains. Traditional pastures often provide the fresh milk to drink to.
The Karwendel area with its nearly 1,000 square miles is one of the largest and most popular nature reserves in Europe. Most of the Karwendel is situated in Tyrol (Austria), about a quarter is in Bavaria (Germany). There are many kilometers of hiking trails. Walking all of them would take weeks without interruption day and night hiking. The mountain bike trails are incredible unimaginably huge: more than 2000 km of mountain bike trails are waiting for you.

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